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Worcestershire Target 2020

Worcestershire Target 2020

Worcestershire Target 2020 is funded through the European Regional Development Fund. The project offers up to 5 days energy efficiency consultancy to 200 small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Worcestershire and 35% financial assistance to help install energy saving measures.

Businesses can often reduce energy consumption by up to 15% through no and low cost measures.

 Each business can receive up to 5 days support including:

  • An Energy Efficiency Survey of the business premises

  • Analysis of 12 months’ worth of energy data

  • Presentation of energy efficiency report to senior management

  • Recommendations summarised in to: no cost, low cost and capital cost measures

  • Help to finalise an action plan

  • Support to obtain quotes

  • Support through the claims process

  • Help to identify further grants.


The programme also has a voucher scheme where 35% of the installation cost of energy efficiency measures can be claimed (subject to conditions). The voucher value will be in the range of £1,000 to £5,000. Higher values may be considered for projects with exceptional carbon savings.

Energy efficiency measures that can be supported include (but are not limited to):

  • Lighting and controls

  • Boiler replacement and controls

  • Insulation

  • Free cooling

  • Variable speed drives

  • Process equipment

  • Renewable energy production

The programme is open to SMEs who are based in Worcestershire, but due to funding restrictions the following sectors are excluded from this programme: synthetic fibres, textiles and clothing, motor vehicles, shipbuilding, coal and steel, agriculture, food processing, banking and insurance.

Read more about the European Regional Development Fund Operational Programme on the UK Government and European Union websites.


Did you Know

The 200 businesses that the Worcestershire Target 2020 programme can support represent less than one percent of the number of SMEs in Worcestershire.


What this means

Demand for the programme is anticipated to be high in 2018. So it is recommended that SMEs make contact early to avoid disappointment.

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Senior Business Energy Advisor
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