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Prioritising Warm Welsh Homes

Prioritising Warm Welsh Homes

Prioritising Warm Welsh Homes offers a wide range of free holistic support services for people impacted by fuel poverty, and focuses on the Priority Service Register (PSR).

By working in partnership with Care and Repair and Neath Port Talbot Homes in the Vale of Glamorgan, Severn Wye is able to provide cover for all of south and mid Wales. For eligible households a free home visit is also available to help spot the easy ways to be energy efficient.

Energy is not the only topic covered as clients can also receive assistance on:

  • signing up to the Priority Service Register (PSR)         
  • income related benefits, debt management etc.
  • tariff switching
  • simple zero coast behavioural changes to improve thermal comfort
  • home safety & security
  • warm homes for health


You may qualify for assistance if:

  • you're on electricity dependant machines or have medicine stored in the fridge

  • you require electricity to power mobility devices (stair lifts, wheelchairs etc)

  • you're elderly or infirm and vulnerable in a power cut

  • you  have special communication needs - non English speaker, deaf, blind etc

  • you have health issues which are caused or exacerbated by a cold/damp home

  • you have anxiety issues which would be made worse by a power cut

  • you have fuel debt or energy issues 


For further information, email: or call: 01452 835087





Eileen O'Haire

Senior Energy Advisor
01452 835087


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