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Energy Detectives

Energy Detectives

Energy Detectives is a whole-school sustainable energy project for primary schools. The project raises awareness of issues relating to energy and climate change whilst developing self-confidence and empowering pupils to contribute to decision-making processes within their schools and local communities.

97% of pupil's families have taken action to save energy at home as a result of their children taking part in the project.

Pupils carry out energy surveys, run energy-saving campaigns and engage in discussion around a range of environmental and development issues. They also take home activities and resources to share with their families, helping to extend energy saving messages into the wider community.

To date, the schools we have worked with have reduced their electricity consumption by an average of 12% whilst educating future generations of the need to conserve resources and protect our planet. Through their work on development issues pupils have also raised enough money to enable Solar Aid to provide 287 solar lamps to families in Africa meaning they no longer need to use dangerous and expensive kerosene lamps.

Q. What has surprised you about this project?

The way that the whole school community has really bought into the project. I thought that some of the adults may have been sceptical but the project has been well received by teachers, business managers, governors and parents.

Q. What are you most proud of?

I have been most proud of the dedication and enthusiasm shown by the pupils and teachers I have worked with. They really care about the issues involved and are determined to do something to improve the situation. I never forget the look on the childrens' faces when they present their suggestions for improving the energy efficiency of the school to their school governors and realise for the first time that they really do have the power to make a difference. Priceless!

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