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Cheltenham Green Doors

Cheltenham Green Doors

Cheltenham Green Doors is a collection of like-minded people that have come together to promote a more sustainable approach to everyday living. Case Studies of homes that have made some of these improvements provide an example of this.

From a modern passive house to an 18th century stone cottage these case studies offer solutions to improving energy efficiency in different types of home. 

The annual open homes and gardens weekend allows homeowners to welcome visitors and introduce them to how they are investing in and employing sustainable living practices. Seven very different homes were selected and case studies produced to provide information about this journey.

Q. What do you find most interesting?

The wide variety of improvements made, and the different points in life that triggered the householders to make them was very interesting. From children leaving home, to moving home, to simply being cold!

Q. What have you enjoyed most about this project?

Meeting people who are proud of their homes, the improvements they have made and how enthusiastic they are about imparting this knowledge to others.

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