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A central part of the Severn Wye mission is to encourage people to take part in lifelong learning that encourages them to contribute more to sustainability and provide a better awareness of the benefits and opportunities involved.

In the last two years we have supported 4,448 pupils in 176 schools.

Since 2007 we have secured over £800 000 of funding to support young people in education.

In 2011 Young Energy People won the prestigious Ashden Award for sustainability.

99% of teachers that participated in our programmes in the last two years said they would like to do so again.

In 2015 90% of 1,047 young people left our Your Green Future events knowing what a low carbon, sustainable economy was, compared with just 34% on arrival. 

We promote life-long learning as a means of developing awareness and skills for dealing with energy and climate change issues, and building resilience against fuel poverty.

Our activity mainly consists of specially developed programmes for young people, although we also undertake bespoke training designed for homeowners and professionals as part of our wider work.

Severn Wye’s educational programmes provide excellence because they are developed with a clear focus on developing skills, by professionals with qualifications and direct experience of formal class-based teaching.

Our focus is on enhancing curriculum delivery, active learning, problem solving and delivering key experiences that really help people develop the skills that underpin a more secure future for themselves and their communities.

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