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Over the last 10 years, Severn Wye has helped hundreds of businesses cut their fuel bills and install renewable energy technologies. From industrial and manufacturing sectors, through to offices, hospitality businesses, retail outlets and car dealerships we can help through a combination of training, billing analysis, energy surveys and on-going support.

We have worked with over 500 businesses

Multi award winning Senior Business Energy Advisor 

We sit on the Energy Group for the Gloucestershire LEP

Average savings identified per sector; 31% - Hospitality, 30% - Manufacturing, 42% - Sports, Leisure and Art, 31% - Offices, 27% - Retail

Doing Nothing Costs You Money!

Your business can become more efficient and start making savings straight away - these pages will help you to take action.

For all businesses, every penny that can be saved is crucial, and for most, whether small or medium sized enterprises or large corporations, fuel bills (gas, electricity, water and transportation) are one of the biggest expenses. Reducing energy use, improving efficiency and, choosing appropriate energy technologies is therefore essential.

Our multi-disciplinary project teams can call upon an extensive background in energy management, engineering, surveying and renewable energy technology to offer businesses, organisations and institutions a wide range of services.

A few examples of our work over the last decade include:

  • Issuing Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), Green Deal Reports (GDARs) and Display Energy Certificates (DECs) following energy assessments of public and commercial buildings
  • Supporting businesses in reaching energy reduction targets
  • Providing energy awareness training and development to staff through courses, printed materials, and presentations
  • Advising local authorities in the development of planning policies and district-wide energy management plans
  • Providing technical support for businesses and institutions on small, medium and large-scale renewable energy developments.

Check out the various bespoke services we offer to find out more about how we can work with your organisation.

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