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Tender moments from Severn Wye

Things are happening with the procurement process for Severn Wye Energy Agency’s Target 2020 business energy efficiency grant programme. Boring? No because things are kicking into gear to allow Gloucestershire and Worcestershire SMEs to save thousands of pounds now and many thousands of pounds for years to come!

On the Installers page of the T2020 Website there is a call to tender for heating refurbishment work for the Cheltenham Townhouse Hotel . As this is a sizeable project it is being offered to open tender. Two large boilers will need replacing along with refurbishment of the flues and controls. The hotel management is undertaking this important energy saving measure as part of a package that will include replacing hundreds of lights in the hotel with LEDs and upgrading the insulation. Together the carbon savings generated amounting to many tonnes per year, will allow Severn Wye to hand over thousands of pounds in EU (ERDF) supported grant money.

The Cheltenham Townhouse hotel isn’t the only hotel getting support from Severn Wye for heating and lighting upgrades. The Stratton House Hotel has just been given the go ahead to replace one of its boilers and to replace some very thirsty external lighting with low energy LEDs. They are also taking measures to reduce the significant energy costs associated with refrigeration and cooling their beer. Again Severn Wye will be giving them a four figure grant to help with this.

There’s great news for installers who might be thinking of bringing clients to Severn Wye for a grant too. The procurement rules for smaller projects have changed. Now clients will only be asked for one quote for measures costing anything up to £25,000 (Ex VAT if client is VAT registered, inc VAT if not) which is 10 times the previous limit. This means that it will no longer be necessary for Severn Wye to force clients to seek additional quotes if they are happy that their chosen installer is offering good value. This will greatly speed up the process of applying for grants and will allow installers to recommend Target 2020 to their clients with less risk of losing business in the process.

If you are an installer and would like details of the install tender or would like to know more about joining our installer network then please see

If you are an SME in Gloucester or Worcester and are interested in taking part in Target 2020 or would like to know more about the grant pot of £1,900,000 available to help SMEs install energy saving measures, then more details can be found at

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