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RE-DIRECT hosts its Final Conference

Biochar and Biomass Resource use for Resilient Rural Communities, Wednesday 11th September 2019

Venue - Ffarm Moelyci, Bangor, Gwynedd, Wales, UK, LL57 4BB, from 9:30 to 16:30

An exciting programme of speakers, demonstrations and workshops.

· Dr. Tim Scholze, BUPNet: Interreg NWE RE-DIRECT project. REgional Development and Integration of unused biomass wastes as REsources for Circular products and economic Transformation

· Prof. Iain Donnison, Institute of Biological, Environmental & Rural Sciences, Aberystwyth University: Placing RE-DIRECT in to a UK and Welsh Government policy context

· Colin Keyse, Cwm Harry: On farm biochar production for sustainable agriculture: Ffarm Moelyci model

· Olaf Herrmann, Baden Baden: Sustainable activated carbon for wastewater treatment

· Korbinian Kätzl, Kassel University, and Luned Roberts, Institute of Biological, Environmental & Rural Sciences: Technical feasibility of biochar and activated carbon production from local biomass resources

Pilot Plant Demonstration

Dr. Dave Ellis and Colin Keyes, Cwm Harry: Demonstration of innovative pyrolysis and anaerobic digestion plant: Biochar and biogas production from local biomass resources

Cwm Harry will be giving a talk and tour of the farm scale biomass to biochar plant located on the farm. This will include the screw press module where the wet, silaged green material is separated into press cake and liquor; the biogas module where the liquor is digested to produce methane and CO2; and the combined heat and power unit that uses the biogas to create electricity and hot water used in the process. We also hope to have a biochar kiln in operation to demonstrate the final step of the process - the conversion of press cake and other biomass to charcoal, and an illustration of the types of product we plan to make from the outputs.

  • Regional Development Workshops with partners from the project

  • Product Development Workshop with Innopreneurship students from Duisburg-Essen University

  • Technical workshop with the technical experts from Kassel University and Institute of Biological, Environmental & Rural Sciences, Aberystwyth University

  • Networking dinner at 8pm (transport will be provided).

To register, please contact Maggie

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