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Plumbing students receive fuel poverty awareness training

SGS College students learn to recognise the signs of fuel poverty, in a new initiative from the Build to Low Carbon Action Plan

A new partnership between Severn Wye and South Gloucestershire and Stroud College has offered the contractors of tomorrow a deeper understanding of energy efficiency in the home.

A key priority in the Build to Low Carbon Action Plan is to "increase awareness of fuel poverty indicators for energy efficiency contractors and trainers," and as part of that goal Severn Wye is working with SGS College to deliver additional training to those developing their core trade skills.

In the fight against fuel poverty and carbon-intensive energy use, recognising households in fuel poverty eligible for energy efficiency support is a vital piece of the puzzle. By connecting with tradespeople with hand-on experience of residents' living conditions, we can close the gap that prevents support from reaching the right people.

Tutors on the plumbing and engineering courses are working with energy advisors from Severn Wye to bring Fuel Poverty Awareness training into the classroom. The CPD accredited training is usually delivered to front line staff working with vulnerable households, but this new initiative recognises the value of preparing students for real-life situations with their customers.

For more on the Build to Low Carbon Action Plan, check out our project page.

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