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Gloucestershire's energy strategy revealed

With CSE's release of the GFirstLEP Gloucestershire Energy Strategy, one small step on the BUILD2LC action plan may mean one giant leap for the county's future.

Sometimes the devil is in the details – and it is difficult to find any details that may be more impactful than those found in the Gloucestershire Energy Strategy, released this week by the Centre for Sustainable Energy and GFirstLEP.

You could be forgiven for missing a small promise found in one of the later pages of the Build to Low Carbon Action Plan – stating that "GFirst LEP will produce and disseminate a countywide Energy Strategy for Gloucestershire" – but it has the potential to make some of the most significant changes to the pace at which the county journeys towards its low-carbon future.

With funding from the government, the local LEP, GFirst, commissioned the Centre for Sustainable Energy to sketch out the roadmap for the next few years of development required in Gloucestershire to move towards zero carbon emissions. With assistance from Severn Wye and a huge bank of emissions data to work from, CSE brought together business leaders, sustainability professionals, local authorities and interested parties from all over the region to contribute ideas and vision towards the creation of a realistic strategy.

An ambitious document – as all sustainable energy strategies must be at the this point – it sets out nine requirements that need to take place, and the activities necessary between 2019 and 2025 to make lasting change happen.

To read more on the release, see CSE's news item here.

To download the Gloucestershire Energy Strategy, click here; for the supporting evidence, click here.

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