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Your Green Future

Your Green Future

Your Green Future is an interactive event which engages school students with a low carbon economy, and their potential role in creating this through their career choices.

This event was excellent, the lecturers and businesses were very inspirational and were amazing with the students


Each event sees hundreds of students work alongside businesses. Together they address a series of real business challenges such as; developing creative solutions for Glastonbury Festivals waste issues and, designing sustainable products for IKEA and H & M.

Overall, Your Green Future aligns with a real need to develop an understanding of sustainability, tap into new skills, and address youth unemployment.

To date there have been 10 events across the South West and Midlands, engaging with thousands of students, from 136 schools, and 267 businesses.

Q. What has surprised you about this project?

Whilst the target audience is schools it's been surprising to see just how much the businesses have benefitted from participation. They have really enjoyed being able to network and collaborate with other professionals. But also the students have provided them with new and unique ideas. As the Environment Agency said "It was a chance to step outside of our organisational 'bubble' and see the issues from a fresh perspective."

Q. What do you enjoy most about this project?

It is great to spend time at the events - seeing the students' enthusiasm develop as they interact with the businesses, and listening to their creative ideas. This has included developing a campaign for Virgin Trains in which customers could collect points on a card every time they recycled on the train. Points could be redeemed against future ticket prices. There was also a water free shower at the gym which used a mist and ultraviolet light to kill bacteria, make you smell nice, and moisturise you all at the same time!

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