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Cynefin is a programme that explores new approaches for delivery of long-term changes and improvements to the quality of life and wellbeing of communities across Wales.

Sustainable development is not just framed around "green" or "environment" but quality of life, and should link all social, economic and environmental aspects.

Cynefin provides a bespoke, truly place-centred approach to the delivery of sustainable development on the ground. Cynefin 'Place Coordinators' (PCs) are working in eleven different communities across Wales.

The role of the Cynefin PCs is to bring together different parts of a community - local residents, community groups, local businesses, youth groups and organisations that deliver services - to help to improve the places where they live or work, making it cleaner, safer and generally nicer to live in as well as helping to provide more opportunities for business and for people to work and improve their incomes.

Q. What has surprised you about this project?

The Cynefin "process" approach is to explore new ways of working, to test different ways of engaging with the community and stakeholders, and to explore how projects can work across different sectors by being creative, innovative and bold in building new relationships and working practices. The variety of approaches that has been taken by the PCs across Wales has been extensive, and has demonstrated clearly the benefits of the Cynefin process.

Q. What are you most proud of?

Because Cynefin seeks to change the way community support and resource planning is undertaken we're proud of the way that the programme changes and adapts as it responds to each place and policy.

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