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Build to Low Carbon (Build2LC)

Build to Low Carbon (Build2LC)

Build to Low Carbon is promoting efficient and effective retrofit in order to improve domestic properties in Gloucestershire, improving health and reducing carbon emissions across the county. At the heart of the project is an ambitious Action Plan, aiming to take bold steps that can act as a model for other areas, and inform local and national policies.

Severn Wye represent Gloucestershire at a European level as leading experts for affordable warmth work in this programme that brings the county 5 years of funding for this issue

Severn Wye are leading on the Gloucestershire delivery of the European Build to Low Carbon initiative. This 5-year programme offers Gloucestershire a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to all the issues in relation to fuel poverty and sustainable energy – including finance, sustainable construction, health and well-being, and innovation.

The project involves two phases:

Phase 1 - Creation of a Regional Action Plan

Phase 2 - Implementation of the Action Plan

In Phase 1, the project worked through a variety of opportunities and ideas to build an action plan that is deliverable across the county. Establishing partnerships with key organisations has led to commitments to move forward in six key areas:

  1. Improving homes for those with health conditions
  2. Using innovative technology to benefit those who need it most
  3. Promoting the local and international success of energy efficient retrofit
  4. Improving the energy performance of rental properties
  5. Empowering contractors to offer deeper, holistic engagement to customers
  6. Producing a county-wide energy strategy for Gloucestershire

This projects is a unique opportunity for Gloucestershire to lead by example and model the best ways to connect development in the low carbon sector with the real, felt needs of end-users and solve multiple issues with joined-up thinking and innovation.

In September 2018, the Action Plan was launched at an event in Gloucester connecting some of the most important stakeholders in health and housing, enabling and encouraging collaboration as the project moved forward to its second phase.

News items:

6 July 2018: Spanish social housing innovations inspire low carbon developments in Gloucestershire
20 September 2018: Low Carbon Action Plan launched at health and housing event 
6 February 2019: Gloucestershire's energy strategy revealed
6 March 2019: Plumbing students receive fuel poverty awareness training

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