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Biomethane Regions

Biomethane Regions

Biomethane Regions finished in March 2014. The main aim of the project was to facilitate an increase in the number of Anaerobic Digestion plants in biogas/biomethane production across the EU, but in partner regions in particular.

The partners were from Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France, Belgium, Italy,Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and the UK.

Severn Wye Energy Agency was the lead UK partner along with the University of Glamorgan (Wales Centre of Excellence for Anaerobic Digestion).  The geographical focus for activity was Wales, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. The Welsh Government provided match funding for activity in Wales. Severn Wye Energy Agency and the University of Glamorgan worked very closely together on UK activity, with further project-wide research support provided by the Technical University of Vienna.

Severn Wye brought together a UK Advisory Group, drawing upon expertise from a wide range of organisations and individuals and the main aim of the group was to steer project activity in the UK focus region.


The Biomethane Calculator 

The Biomethane Calculator developed under this project provides technical and economic data specific to the biogas plant being proposed.  Data on yields and composition of the biogas and the required purity of methane is input to the tool and it provides recommendations on the most appropriate of the available upgrading options.  Follow the link below to download the calculator.




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