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Severn Wye COVID-19 Public Notice

Severn Wye are following the advice of the UK Government as the country responds to the coronavirus pandemic; prioritising the health and welfare of our clients and staff and continuing to deliver services as fully as possible during this time.

Updated: 24 March 2020


Staff welfare

Most of our staff are equipped and able to work remotely, so staff have been advised to work from home, regardless of whether they are feeling unwell or suspect they may have contracted the virus. Staff have also been advised:

  1. To conduct meetings by conference call where possible and avoid travel
  2. To self-isolate for seven days if they are exhibiting symptoms
  3. To self-isolate for fourteen days if a family member exhibits symptoms
  4. To self-isolate if they have underlying health issues or are currently pregnant
  5. That parents of school-age children may work as flexibly as necessary using our flexible working policy to allow them to look after and/or supervise children

Client welfare

Many of our domestic energy customers will fall into ‘at-risk’ categories and many will have underlying health issues. We feel it is particularly important to safeguard their health and wellbeing and have taken the decision to cancel and postpone home visits and EPC surveys on domestic properties, where possible offering advice over the phone instead.

Many of our business and community clients have been asked to shut down public-facing operations during this pandemic. Others are running reduced operations and/or are observing a work-from-home policy for their staff. We will continue to offer advice, support and recommendations over the phone or electronically, but we will not offer energy surveys or face-to-face meetings during this time.

All public events are being postponed until a time where they are considered lower risk. We are actively exploring ways that we can bring engagement events and training to our communities and clients digitally.

Business continuity

Every company anticipates that COVID-19 will have an impact on the level of services we can continue to provide during periods of isolation or social distancing. Severn Wye have put the following measures in place to limit the impact to clients, funders and project objectives:

  • Our flexible working policy allows employees to work from home with full access to our secure IT systems, allowing us to continue as usual if government rulings close offices
  • Staff workstations are equipped with webcams and software to conduct conference calls in place of face-to-face meetings
  • Our energy efficiency advice line (serving Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire via Warm and Well; and Herefordshire via Keep Herefordshire Warm) will be running a limited service on the phone lines, but other contact options (via website and social media) are being promoted to offer alternatives
  • For clients anticipating the installation of grant funded energy efficiency measures administered by us, we are liaising with contractors who are complying with government advice and will be closely monitoring the improvement of the pandemic before going ahead with installations
  • Our internal succession planning is robust, so where staff fall ill there is contingency to continue delivering services throughout
  • If you have any concerns about the services you’re expecting to receive, please get in touch with your usual contact at Severn Wye

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