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Anglesey Low Carbon, Happy Homes

Severn Wye to deliver creative community low-carbon energy pilot to the north Wales island

There’s no place quite like home. Especially if your home is on Anglesey.

An island with a unique identity and a unique community spirit, Anglesey is the venue for a new project that Severn Wye is helping to deliver, led by local enterprise agency Menter Môn, and our close partners, BRO.

Households on the island rely heavily on fossil fuels to stay warm and dry at home, and as with almost all remote and dispersed communities, cars are an essential. And it’s into into this context that Low Carbon, Happy Homes seeks to address the energy challenges faced by Anglesey households, and find innovative alternatives that are sustainable, affordable and better for the environment.

We will be exploring community-wide energy efficiency and carbon reduction schemes over the next year, piloting ideas with one community group from the island and sharing results that will hopefully inspire and inform similar development across Anglesey.

Similar projects in other areas across Wales have yielded fantastic results for the environment, for householders’ back pockets and also for the community as a whole, bringing people together and uniting over a cause that is good news for everyone.

The project can only offer full support to one community on the island, and Menter Môn are currently inviting community groups across Anglesey to register their interest and be considered as the venue for the pilot of this project:

Having spent a number of years engaging with the communities across Anglesey, we are relishing the opportunity to find inventive solutions that fit such a unique place. We have high hopes that the island will be able to use its community spirit and creativity to rise to the challenges it faces and make sustainable decisions that improve life on Anglesey for generations to come.

17 October 2018


The project is run under Menter Môn’s Arloesi Môn banner, and has received funding through the Welsh Government Rural Communities - Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government.

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