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Rheoli Ynni'n Gynaliadwy mewn Ysgolion

Rheoli Ynni'n Gynaliadwy mewn Ysgolion

Mae Rheoli Ynni'n Gynaliadwy mewn Ysgolion (sem@schools) yn brosiect Ewropeaidd sy'n cael ei ddarparu mewn ysgolion uwchradd ar draws 5 gwlad Ewropeaidd.

Bydd 1,500 o fyfyrwyr o'r Deyrnas Unedig, yr Eidal, Romania, Latvia a Sbaen yn derbyn hyfforddiant fel rhan o'r prosiect hwn.

Through the project, students will complete an online course providing training in energy management and environmental issues. They will receive further technical training from energy experts before going on to complete surveys of their school buildings, technology, user behaviour and the perceptions of staff and students.

They go on to present their findings to school management and governors before planning and implementing a school energy efficiency campaign.

The project also has a strong vocational aspect and students will investigate the range of job opportunities available within the energy and environmental sectors with selected students going on to complete work placements with local sustainability-focussed organisations.

Q. What has surprised you about this project?

The things that has most surprised me most has been the way in which the project has been able to be adapted to make it suitable for delivery in such a wide range of contexts and countries.

Q. What do you enjoy most about this project?

The thing I have enjoyed most about this project has been working with a wide range of people from different countries and different backgrounds. We all have expertise in different areas and have all learnt from each other.


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