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Bydd RE-DIRECT yn archwilio dichonoldeb trosi adnoddau biomas gwastraff yn gynnyrch carbon.

The EU funded RE-DIRECT project incorporates partners from 5 European countries; Germany, France, Belgium, Ireland and the UK. It builds upon the learning gained from a previous Severn Wye project, COMBINE 

The project will collect cuttings from rural and urban landscapes, which are currently left to rot on site or are burnt. These cuttings will be processed using a range of technologies, including IFBB (Integrated Generation of Solid Fuel and Biogas from Biomass, as demonstrated in COMBINE), pyrolysis and biochar activation technology.

The end products will be biochar and activated charcoal:

  • Biochar can be used as a soil improver and has the added benefit of sequestering carbon into the soil.
  • Activated charcoal has purification properties and can be used to filter pollutants out of water or gas, for example in wastewater purification or power stations' exhaust gases.

 Latest News !

  • The RE-DIRECT project is now well underway and we are hoping to be producing biochar and activated charcoal from many biomass resources during the next 2 years. A large scale activated charcoal production plant will be built at the green waste recycling and wastewater treatment plant in Baden Baden, Germany, in addition to a small, farm-scale plant in North Wales. You can download our first newsletter on the right of this page.  This newsletter gives more details about the project as well as letting you know what we’ve been up to so far.


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