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Resource Efficient Wales

Resource Efficient Wales

Resource Efficient Wales is a single point of contact to help people and organisations throughout Wales to reduce their energy and water use and to reduce and re-use waste.

40% of householders who have called our helpline have installed a resource efficiency measure after speaking with our advisors.


There is help for householders in Wales to make their homes more energy and water efficient, keeping their bills under control, and help with recycling and renewable energy generation. We can provide information on government schemes such as; Renewable Heat Incentive, Feed in Tariff, Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation (ECO)

Community buildings

There is support for your community building with a comprehensive survey which will identify energy, waste and water savings for the site. The survey can also look at community owned renewable energy generation and community wide initiatives and outreach work for householders interested in resource efficiency.

To talk to one of the advisors please call 0300 1232020

Q. What is exciting about working on the REW domestic service?

It is exciting to be involved in an innovative approach to advice that is designed to be holistic rather than separating out energy efficiency, water and waste. This allows us to have really comprehensive discussions with clients to help them make informed decisions about their approach to living more sustainably.

Q. What is surprising about working on the REW community service?

The biggest surprise has been the high level of demand for the service. Community groups across Wales are eager for bespoke and impartial support to identify resource efficiency improvements. It's been great to work with inspiring community groups and providing advice to make considerable improvements to their buildings - increasing comfort levels; reducing their operating costs; and reducing CO2 emissions.

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