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Boosting Urban Mobility Plans (BUMP)

Boosting Urban Mobility Plans (BUMP)

The BUMP project supports Local Authorities across 9 EU countries to develop Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) for their areas.

36 cities or areas will produce Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) during the lifetime of the project with another 60 planned by 2020.

SUMPs promote strategies that enable people to travel safely, affordably, and in ways that cause minimal environmental harm and promote healthy living.

They are actually about much more than transport alone. Rather they aim to create places where children can play safely; where the air is clean; where you can walk to do your shopping and where businesses can prosper.

Here in the UK we are working with four Local Authorities: Bristol City Council, Gloucestershire County Council, Tewkesbury Borough Council and Wrexham County Borough Council.

Staff from these Local Authorities have attended 6 training modules and had a chance to visit other European cities, attending Mutual Learning Workshops where they were able to share ideas and expertise with Local Authority staff from across Europe.

They are currently receiving bespoke coaching from ourselves in partnership with Jon Harris of Harris Ethical and they aim to have their SUMPs finalise by March 2016 when they will be published here and on the project website.

Q. What has surprised you about this project?

At how rapidly the SUMP concept is spreading across Europe. These are exciting times in terms of the promotion of sustainable transport options across the continent (and increasingly beyond).

Q.What do you enjoy most about this project?

Working on this project has given me an opportunity to develop expertise in a new area of sustainability of which I previously had limited experience. It has been exciting working in a new area and with new organisations that we haven't worked with before.

Mark Stead

Project Manager
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