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Biogas Action

Biogas Action

Biogas Action aims to develop on-farm use of anaerobic digestion to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create energy and reduce waste.

Anaerobic digestion extracts more value from our organic waste (including inedible food waste, manures, wastewater) and break/cover crops than any alternative

Biogas Action seeks to support the development of small scale on-farm anaerobic digestion.  The project provides free impartial advice to farmers and landowners on using farm waste for sustainable soil and nutrient management, reduction of green-house gas emissions, and energy production.  Dairy farming, in particular, is very well suited to farm scale AD, as it produces large volumes of manure and slurry and also has relatively high energy use.

We would like to hear from you if you are a farmer or landowner that wants to:

•             convert their wastes into fertiliser

•             generate renewable energy

•             improve soil quality

•             protect animal health 

•             reduce pollution risks


Strategy  - A Vision for Small Scale On-farm Anaerobic Digestion

The Strategy has come about following discussions with key stakeholders from agricultural and anaerobic digestion industries and regulators in Wales, and represents the views of members of the group. Severn Wye Energy Agency, under the Biogas Action project, has facilitated these discussions and compiled this report as a recommendation to Welsh Government to introduce an Anaerobic Digestion Strategy for Wales. Download of the strategy is available on the right. 

Latest News !

  • Biogas Action exhibited at Energy Now Exhibition, February, 2017, Telford.  Biogas Action also ran a free one hour training session at the event which covered topics such as best practice, maintenance, emergency planning, gas alarms and planning and permits for biogas plants.  If you'd like a free copy of the DVD of the session, please email us (contact details top right of page).  See download on the right for further information on the event.
  • Severn Wye hosts Biogas Action partner meeting in London in December 2016.  Partners from across Europe met at the Camley Street Natural Park which is run by the London Wildlife Trust.  See download on the right for more information on Camley's micro biogas plant and circular economy in action.
  • Andy Bull from Severn Wye was a panel member at recent seminar discussing small-scale anaerobic digestion.  It was held during the UK AD and Biogas 2016 event at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre.  See the download on the right for further information.
  • The Biogas Action Brochure contains information on the ten most interesting biogas plant projects of the Biogas Action project countries, providing the reader with technical data for each plant as well as background information concerning the start-up conditions.  Document available for download on the right.



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