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Groups up their game for Create your Space

16 groups have been awarded funding to further develop their projects in stage two of the Create your Space programme. In this innovative new environmental programme the fund has also provided groups with support to develop their bids with a learning and support contract.

Create Your Space is a seven year programme that will enable communities to lead on making positive and sustainable transformations to their local natural environment.

Severn Wye is delivering the learning and support contract for Create your Space. This is being delivered with Bro Partnership combining the skills of both organisations. This contract is to help groups with:

  • community engagement

  • developing a shared community vision

  • asset mapping –a way of taking a positive look at the strengths in your community. Examples of ‘assets’ may include the skills, talents and ideas of local people, or physical things such as land, rivers, businesses and schools.

  • exploring and describing what change your community expects to happen as a result of the project and what is needed to achieve that change

  • looking at what’s worked and what hasn’t.

Dave Gittins who has been delivering the contract for Severn Wye said, “We’ve now met with all the groups and it’s great to see the passion in communities to make positive changes to their local environment and help people that live there.

Following inception meetings with the groups, we have been working through Theories of Change and Postcards from the Future exercises to help the groups really focus on what on their vision, the changes they want to create and look at the steps involved in getting there.”


Create your Space has £8.8 million available in total. Following an open application the Fund invited 16 projects to stage two, making up to £20,000 of development funding available to each project to develop their project idea further. The Fund then expects to make full awards of between £500,000 to £2,000,000 for up to eight projects. 

To find out more about the 16 groups and the programme go to website:

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