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Shortlisted! VOTE for Pupils Against Fuel Poverty (PAFP)

Pupils Against Fuel Poverty is a project that will specifically target 5 schools in disadvantaged areas of Gloucestershire and train students to understand and manage energy use and energy related bills. Teachers will also be trained in fuel poverty and making referrals and advice will be offered to parents. The training session for students will include: raising awareness of fuel poverty, tariff switching, managing energy bills, managing energy in the home, and how to get additional help and support. If successful, this project will directly support two actions on Gloucestershire’s Build to Low Carbon action plan.


Importantly, the project will provide a link to hard to reach families and direct them into the Warm & Well programme to tackle fuel poverty and improve health and well-being.


This money would allow us to support some of the most vulnerable young people and their families in our region. If Severn Wye secure the money and the project is a success, the aim will be to roll the project out on a wider scale across the county.


Please give Pupils Against Fuel Poverty a click on   (Select ‘South West’ then ‘Severn Wye energy Agency) and pass it on to make an impact in our area.


The vote is only open until 10th November so please vote now!


Thank you so much for your support.

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