The network is a handy, easy-to-use online database which helps to put individuals, groups and businesses in touch with suitable energy efficiency and renewable energy installers in their area – and offers installers who are seeking to benefit from the Green Deal and ECO the chance of a step ahead.

More than 70 delegates from across Wales attended our recent NZEB and building regulations conference in mid-Wales as part of SustainCo.

One of Severn Wye's most ambitious projects, Your Green Future, has won an award for its work this year.

As Severn Wye undertakes work across the whole of Wales, the agency is keen to promote the use of the Welsh language in all aspects of its work.

The Countdown to Low Homes project is drawing to a close, and the research report is to be published in the next few weeks. The executive summary of the Countdown to Low Carbon Homes research report is now available.

After being named the UK's top Green Deal Adviser earlier this year, Severn Wye's Matt Williams recently achieved the top honour from the assessor's organisation, IDEA.

A short selection of case studies have been produced telling potential customers about some of our assessors and the people we work with.

Two of the Severn Wye team went along to the annual exhibition of the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association last week.

Combine is a trial project which sees four European countries working together to reduce waste by using it as a source of energy.

Through a series of interactive events which bring about engagement between a wide range of professionals and young people, Your Green Future (YGF) aims to inspire 14 to 19-year-olds with the range of jobs, skills and qualifications available in the green economy.

Shopping centres and retail parks consume a great deal of energy because of their size, building stock and constant usage pattern. Added to this, the increasing cost of energy there is a real need to use energy as efficiently as possible.

Cynefin is an initiative aimed at bringing together, empowering and improving the quality of life for a number of urban and rural communities in Wales.

Severn Wye Chief Executive Catrin Maby was in Europe recently to attend the European Union Sustainable Energy Week 2014 Awards, where we were up for another award.